Wednesday, August 20, 2014

God will Provide

It's been very hard to imagine what good could come after Max's death.  Even harder, was what I would even accept as "good" after Max passed away. I didn't ever feel entitled to "good" things happening after Max's death but I was hoping to catch a bit of a break. 

I have been working at a temporary position since May at Lifetime Fitness in Chanhassen with the intention of leaving at the end of August to stay home for the 6 weeks or so before Max arrived. Well obviously things were not going to work out that way but I still had the looming end of a temporary position hanging over my head. I prayed and hoped that God would provide some sort of a direction for me since Max's passing. 

Well, last week I ate lunch with a good friend and former co-worker who passed on information about a position in Chaska that would be working with the Help Me Grow Program of MN. It was 20 hours a week, a good bump in pay, I couldn't pass up applying for it! I applied and was immediately called for an interview last Friday. To my astonishment and surprise I was offered the position yesterday and accepted!!

It still hasn't really sunk in yet and I still slightly feel unwilling to accept that this type of opportunity would fall in my lap after stressing for the last 2+ months of what lay ahead. 

What I have come to realize though is that God has provided for me these last few months when I felt so stuck. He has provided me with so much support over the last few months to be with my boys (I am only working part-time at Lifetime since Max was born), begin my blogging, and build my faith and trust in Him. I have never felt more connected or strong about my faith until I was faced with the loss of Max and the aftermath. I have often become frustrated, emotional, and depressed over what purposes God had for me but I hadn't lost my faith or trust that eventually some direction and opportunity would come my way. 

This new opportunity has resurrected my understanding of where my passion in my career lies, the need for a good work/life balance, and that my little Max is lifting me up every time I haven't felt able to take another step. Before my interview last week I sat in my car and said a prayer to Max to be with me. Each day for the next few days I saw a butterfly, one that even hung around the outside of our home for hours on Saturday. I feel lucky to know that God will provide for me and my Max is always holding my hand and guiding me through.

So without further adieu, I am so excited to announce that next Wednesday I will begin a new job at the East Creek Family Center in Chaska as the Bilingual Interagency Resource Specialist. I will be working with the Help Me Grow Program of MN by providing central intake for referrals for 3 different western Carver County school districts as well as act as a resource liaison for families that are facing other barriers. I will also provide outreach and all intake services for Latino families in the area. I am so excited to work with families again and continue to use my multi-cultural back ground and bilingual skills daily.

Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer for us, and helped us keep our hopes alive that good things can come again and God would provide....He most definitely has!

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