Saturday, April 28, 2012

25 Weeks

When I was pregnant with Jack, I took a picture and journaled every week. Well this pregnancy I have done a very poor job with regard to pregnancy pics or any journaling for that matter. I decided to find some general questions and do some pregnancy journaling every couple of weeks for the remainder of this pregnancy.

How far along? 25 weeks 5 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss? So far 18lbs. but that was the day after coming home from AZ where we were eating out everyday so I feel that was a bit on the higher end.

Maternity Clothes? You betcha! My favorite capris and shorts have the long elastic band that goes up to your boobs. While they fit the best I am trying to figure out how they are going to be bearable in the summer heat.

Best moment this week? I was able to hold and cuddle our neighbors one week old baby girl! I totally forgot how little they are and how quickly they change! I am still enjoying my baby from the inside though!

Miss Anything? I hadn't attended Zumba in almost two weeks with traveling and being busy so I decided to drag myself in for a much needed cardio. Zumba has become increasingly difficult with all the quick dancing and hip shaking and I find myself quite sore after a workout like that. I finally went yesterday and it was AMAZING! I called Andrew immediately after leaving the gym and gushed about finally being back to Zumba!

Movement? Lots and lots of kicks, somersaults, and dancing! I'm beginning to notice times of baby's increased activity and it looks like he is starting to get himself on more of a schedule. I did mention to my chiropractor that I felt way more movement this time around than with Jack. She said that subsequent pregnancies and already stretched muscles allow mom to feel way more each time she is pregnant than the previous time. The only downside to this is that many women start feeling more and more pressure on their cervix earlier than first time mom's...that sounds uncomfortable!

Food Cravings? Nothing in particular. I've always loved sweets so it doesn't surprise me that occasionally I want a DQ Cookie Dough blizzard with chocolate ice cream and extra cookie dough!

Anything make you queasy or sick? Last night Andrew and I stayed up later than usual, almost 12 am and I started to get sick from my prenatal vitamin. I try to always eat when I take it at night and usually fall asleep before it starts to hurt my stomach but last night that was not the case.

Have you started to show yet? Apparently, yes! I've had more people ask me about my due date and what I am having in the last week than throughout my pregnancy to this point.

Gender? Still a boy I hope!

Labor signs? Nope. Occasionally when I workout or am active for a while I may get a Braxton Hick. I am still enjoying my pregnancy and and perks of the second trimester and hope it continues for a while!

Belly Button in or out? Is flat an option? Just like with Jack, my bellybutton never popped out it just got flat.

Wedding Ring on or off? It's still on!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy I would say. This pregnancy makes me a little weepy occasionally but never really moody like with Jack. I will also credit my prenatal yoga and Zumba for keeping me level.

Something I can't live without? I created this question because throughout this pregnancy I am always finding things and scream "Why didn't I know about that last time??!" This week I can't live without Trader Joe's Coconut oil. Thanks to my husband and our friend Ashley for bringing this awesome product to my attention. I started using this to help moisturize my skin and prevent (more) stretch marks. I'll be the first to honestly say yes, I have stretch marks. Luckily, they have all been lighter ones and no deep purple ones that make you look like you got clawed by a bear. I've also been cooking with it and occasionally taking a spoonful or two for health benefits. I recently found a blog that listed 50+ things to do with coconut oil. You can check it out here.

Looking forward to? I am really looking forward to a class called Belly Mapping on Mother's Day...stay tuned!

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