Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Belly Mapping: 28 weeks--Hello 3rd Trimester!

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Andrew and I at the Twins Game
So last week was quite hectic and crazy with Mother's Day, Belly Mapping, and New Orleans all wrapped together. First, Mother's Day, Andrew took me to the Twins game against the Toronto Blue Jay's. We had a great time, great seats and I even got a new Twins tank top and frozen yogurt :). 

Andrew, I, and Gail Tully
That night we went to a class I was so excited to attend, Belly Mapping. Belly Mapping was held at the studio where I do prenatal yoga, Blooma. The studio has amazing yoga, amazing staff, and one-of-a-kind classes for mama's. This class was held by Gail Tully, a world renowned midwife for more than 30 years, she has pioneered the importance of fetal positioning during pregnancy and birth (she's from the Twin Cities too!). I use her website, SpinningBabies to get some tips on what do to keep baby in an optimal position before and during birth. You see, when Jack was being born he was in a posterior position (facing the ceiling) and was presenting with his chin extended up and not tucked. Most likely the reason he could not come down the birth canal after I dilated to 10cms was because of his poor positioning and inability to turn. My OB at the time never mentioned his positioning as an issue but I have heard that posterior babies in general are very hard to push out because the position does not allow baby to get the room he or she may need to come out. 

Gail finding baby's position
I followed Gail's instructions and have been doing stretching and inversions almost every night to try and keep everything as "open" as possible. That with a combination of yoga, cardio, and a chiropractor has made me feel exceptionally strong, positive, and energetic entering my 3rd trimester. I was even more delighted though when I found out she was making a stop here in the Twin Cities to talk about fetal positioning and do Belly Mapping. I immediately signed Andrew and I up for the class.

Belly painting

When we got there Andrew wasn't too convinced this hippie, baby position stuff was for him but it was Mother's Day and he was a trooper. We learned so much about positioning, VBACing, what to do to prepare, and got some great tips on what stretching I needed to be doing more of to keep my hips open and loose. Andrew ended up really liking the class since the bodywork part really applied to his back ground of personal training. He has been really great at helping do the bodywork at home. 

All finished!
After Gail talked for a while she had us poke and prod our bellies (there were about 10 couples total) to try and see if we could figure out babies position. Andrew and I got it right and it was so cool to be able to feel baby's head, hand, knees, and feet. Finally, we got to the fun part of letting Gail poke and prod and then paint baby's exact position on my tummy. 

28 weeks
Weekly Questionnaire:
How far along? 28 weeks 0 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss? Still about the same, 18-20lbs.

Maternity Clothes? Yep! I was able to snag at Target for a few maternity tops but I'm hopping everything will last me.

Best moment this week? There are so many things! Belly Mapping, New Orleans, and seeing my sweet boy's face after being gone for 5 days!

Miss Anything? Andrew and I missed Jack like crazy! We couldn't wait to get home and see him this past Friday

Movement? Lots of movement, kicks, punches, and some strong knees. Now that I know baby's position it is fun to know exactly what I'm feeling where.  

Food Cravings? Medium vanilla crunch cone from DQ...straight up!

Anything make you queasy or sick? All the fried food and Bourbon street in general down in New Orleans

Have you started to show yet? I sure hope so...

Gender? Just started pulling out Jack's old clothes, so I guess I'm still thinking it's a boy!

Labor signs? Some Braxton Hicks...same ol' same ol'.

Belly Button in or out? Still very flat!

Wedding Ring on or off? On, but the heat in New Orleans got me concerned I was cutting off circulation.

Happy or Moody most of the time? The heat made me slightly moody but the beautiful days outside planting flowers and taking walks have been awesome...

Something I can't live without? A pillow between my knees at night and a fan. Most nights I am sleeping on top of our covers now. 

Looking forward to? Planting my garden and finishing up my last week of M.A. class on Friday the 25th!

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