Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer update: 36 Weeks

So if I don't already sound like a broken record I'm sure I will very soon! Again, we have gotten caught up with a very busy summer schedule and my blog updates have severely lacked. Let me get you up to speed with everything going on.

I joined a women's Bible study group with my neighbor, Katie. I had never done a Bible study before but it has so far been an awesome experience. We are so lucky to have a very diverse group of women that meet every Tuesday night.

Andrew's summer softball league also is still on our weekly agenda. Although there is only a few weeks left, I enjoy going to "watch" the game and catch up with some other awesome mom's from our church.

Besides that we have just been getting prepared for baby..((oh yeah, I keep forgetting we will have a new little one joining us soon...VERY soon!!)) I am proud to say that Zumba and Yoga are still a regular part of my week but I will admit I can't shimmy as gracefully anymore!

Baby's pack n' play, swing, clothes, and burp clothes are all ready to go. We just got a going home outfit last week and are still on the hunt for a perfect "big brother gift" for our sweet, Jack.

Finally, we were asked to be Godparents to Andrew's best friend from college, Derek and his wife Emily's baby boy due in October. We are beyond thrilled and honored to have this opportunity and are ecstatic to become even more of a "family" with this wonderful couple whom already are Godparents to our Jack.

That about does it for our summer so far. Andrew and I have enjoyed a few last days alone when Jack went to visit his family over the 4th but otherwise I promise, we are quite the busy little family this summer!

36 Weeks

We had some awesome maternity/family pics taken on Sunday, July 8th. So here is me at 36 weeks pregnant!

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain? About 30lbs. Put it this way, although I am still doing Zumba and yoga, Andrew and I weigh the same. It looks like I may easily surpass him by the end of this week!

Maternity Clothes? Yes and no. Yes, I am still trying to wear maternity clothes, but no since many of them are starting not to fit.

Best moment this week? A great photo session with my family, signed my consent form for my waterbirth.

Miss anything? Ummm..walking without my swollen feet jiggling would be nice.

Movement? This is by far the most active baby I've ever been pregnant with. Now I know I'm partial since this is only my second one but, Jack was not nearly as active this late into the pregnancy.

Food cravings? Culver's creamy custard!

Gender? It better still be a boy! However, I still have the thought in the back of my head with "what if"?

Labor signs? Yes!! I am delighted to say yes finally!! I have been have regular daily contractions with a lot of cramping and back pain. Looks like my body is getting things going because during my exam today I was told things are definitely moving along!

Wedding ring on or off? On! My hands are not nearly as swollen as my feet.

Happy or Moody? Happy!! The heat really hasn't bothered me that much and I am really getting excited to meet my new baby, who could be crabby about that?!

Something I can't live without? Don't get me wrong, I love the heat and summer time but I can't live without A/C and fans.

Looking forward to? We have another meeting with our doula, Ashley this Saturday to create our birth plan and discuss techniques to cope with labor. I'm excited to learn and become more prepared to meet Baby Scott #2.

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